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XCMG Excavator Explore The Mining In Three Gorges Mine
- Feb 23, 2018 -

In the "Three Gorges Pearl" reputation of Yichang City, Hubei Province, layers of mountains in the endless, dark gray surface reflected bright "XCMGjin." 


XCMG XE470C large tonnage excavator is using a strong hammer against the rock hard, mechanical sound intertwined, large rock soil in the XCMG digging machine hammer hammer under the layers of peeling off. It is reported that the mine an average elevation of kilometers, the surface covered with thick rock, the geological is very hard, very harsh construction conditions. XCMG XE470C using a new generation of Cummins engine, powerful, become the main force to help mine mining. Since entering the mine, XCMG XE470C in the harsh conditions for continuous high-intensity construction, its excellent product quality and thoughtful after-sales service, access to the customer's high praise. In the construction site, the customer excitedly said: "XCMG digging machine I spent two or three years, not only good quality, high attendance, but also than the import digging fuel economy, one year varnish money to save hundreds of thousands, really not bad!

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