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Types Of Truck Cranes
- Aug 31, 2017 -

There are many kinds of truck cranes, and their classification methods are different, mainly:

By weight Category: Light truck cranes (up to 5 tonnes), medium sized truck cranes (up to 5-15 tonnes), heavy truck cranes (up to 5-50 tonnes), heavy truck cranes (up to 50 tonnes). In recent years, due to the use of the requirements, its weight has been increased, such as the production of 50-100 tons of large-scale truck cranes.

According to the LEG type: frog-type legs, x-type legs, h-type legs. Frog-legged legs span 0? Only suitable for smaller tonnage cranes, X-shaped legs are easy to produce slippage, also rarely used; h-shaped legs can achieve greater span, the stability of the whole machine has obvious advantages, so China's current production of hydraulic truck cranes use h-type legs.

According to the transmission device transmission mode: mechanical transmission, telex, hydraulic transmission three categories.

According to the hoisting device in the level of rotation range (that is, turntable rotation range): Fully slewing truck crane (turntable can be arbitrarily rotated 360°) and non-rotating truck crane (turntable rotation angle is less than 270°).

According to the structure of the jib: folding jib, telescopic jib and truss jib crane.