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The Main Advantages Of Truck Mounted Crane
- Aug 31, 2017 -

The crane is a crane which installs part of the lifting operation on the chassis of general purpose or special purpose vehicle, and has the driving performance of the truck. In order to meet the requirements of driving under bad conditions, a vehicle crane with off-road performance is derived.

Car cranes have the following advantages:

(1) Freedom of movement, in its lifting capacity and the shape of the allowable conditions, can be in the whole plant or the freight yard to bear most of the lifting work.

(2) In addition to being used as a crane, it can be fitted with a variety of shovel grab, trenching and shovel for other work on the arm rack.

(3) There is no need for fixed structures such as overhead orbits, so that the investment in infrastructure, production costs or maintenance costs can be reduced.

(4) itself has an independent power plant, do not need to install feeder cable or contact conductive device.

(5) It can put the load on the ground, under the ground or higher than the car crane. As a result of these advantages, truck cranes are widely used in transportation, construction, mining and road construction to handle large parts, packaging parts, cargo and construction components. Especially when the goods are dispersed, the quantity of the goods received is small or the installation work is less, it is not suitable to use the special hoisting equipment. Large lifting and transporting tasks can be accomplished in very small ground and in space. It has the advantages of maneuverability, flexibility, long range, large lifting capacity and fast driving speed. The automobile crane has carried out the export product quality permission system, the product which has not obtained and the quality permit is not allowed to export.