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The Development Course Of Truck Mounted Crane
- Aug 31, 2017 -

China's car-type Crane was born in the 70 's, after nearly 30 years of development, during the period of 3 major technical improvements, respectively, for the 70 's introduction of the Soviet technology, the 80 's introduction of Japan's technology, the introduction of German technology in 90. But overall, China's automotive crane industry has always been the road of independent innovation, has its own clear development, especially in recent years, China's car-type crane industry has made considerable progress, although compared with foreign countries there is a certain gap, but this gap is gradually narrowing. At present, the performance of China's small and medium tonnage truck cranes is well enough to meet the requirements of realistic production. In the near future, China's car-type crane industry will certainly develop into a stable, market-oriented mature industry.

Many experts believe that the rapid development of the market, China's car-type crane industry, the advantages of various manufacturers of technological innovation Foundation and environment. In recent years, the Chinese automobile crane industry in addition to a small company and Japanese crane brand manufacturers joint venture, the rest of the manufacturers have been in the process of catching up with foreign advanced level, has been adhering to the independent technological innovation path, basically not the whole introduction of foreign technology practices, Also makes the Chinese automobile crane industry to reach and close to the international advanced level at the same time, in the product technology has the obvious Chinese characteristic.

China's automotive cranes have a large number of PLC programmable integrated control technology, with the bus interface of the hydraulic valve block, hydraulic motor, oil pump and other control and execution components have been more mature, hydraulic and electrical has achieved a close combination. The software can adjust the control performance, simplify the control system greatly, reduce the hydraulic components, improve the stability of the system, and have the ability to realize the automatic fault diagnosis and remote control.

At present, China's new generation of truck crane products, lifting operation mode, large-scale application pilot proportional control, with good fine tuning performance and fine control performance, small operating force, not easy to fatigue. Through the pilot proportional handle to achieve the proportional transmission of various loads of stepless speed regulation, effectively prevent the lifting of the two-time decline phenomenon, greatly improve the lifting operation of safety, reliability and operational efficiency.