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Safe Operation Of Truck Mounted Crane
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Crane operation is prohibited in front, that is, the hook center of gravity in the lifting operation should not exceed the center of the centre and the front leg (left or right) grounding line connection. In case of the failure of the weight indication device, it is necessary to determine the weight according to the lifting performance table and to standardize the operation behavior of the truck crane to ensure the safety.

No arms when lifting weights; must drop the heavy load when the arm should be lowered to raise the work; the throttle should be small when the arm is down, the throttle should be big when the arm is lifted, the rotation action should be smooth, not to stop abruptly, before the work should be carefully inspected, prohibit the use of unqualified wire rope and lifting chain; ; When you must drop the arm, you should put the heavy weight down and raise the work.