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LW1200KN Wheel Loader Stands Out Among The International Brands In Mongolia
- Jan 22, 2019 -

Although boundless Gobi desert in Mongolia is swept by winds and sands, there are endless coal deposits. Two steel behemoths shine on the wasteland with the glory of “XCMG Golden”, which are LW1200KN wheel loaders, the largest tonnage loaders in China. They are busy in a large open pit coal mine in Mongolia. 


Mongolia is a country with animal husbandry and mining as its main economy. Its geological structure is complex. The seasonal temperature changes greatly, and the annual temperature difference reaches 90 degrees. The grassland, Gobi, and desert are boundless. Under the wind and sand, there is the most important economic source of Mongolia, the coal deposit. The Mongolian coal reserves are about 25.8 billion tons, ranking among the top ten in the world.

Fighting against Mongolian Gobi 

A lot of coal mines in Mongolia are open pit, and large-tonnage loaders are indispensable construction machinery. However, for a long time, Mongolia’s large-tonnage loader market has been monopolized by European and American brands. As those brands cannot be combined with local conditions subject to their inherent configuration and service policies, Mongolian users are troubled by the product performance and service efficiency. 


As a close neighbor of Mongolia, China has more similar working conditions and construction methods. Among state-owned brands, XCMG is also better in response to the users demand and service support efficiency. Supported by strong products, technical strength and service capabilities, XCMG opened the door to the Mongolian large loader market.

Flourishing power

The first XCMG LW1200KN loader in this mining area was stationed in October 2017 to transfer and screen coal powder. In April 2018, the mining area ushered in the second LW1200KN. In addition to daily operation, it also shapes and stacks coal power. The two LW1200KN work to complement each other, and the busy “Chinese brothers” have long been known by the local people.


At present, the third LW1200KN has been delivered to the construction site in the form of spare parts due to its huge complete machine. It has been assembled by professional technicians in 3 days. The LW1200KN is customized according to the requirements of special working conditions. It adopts an oversized bucket with a capacity of 12 cubic meters. Each bucket can transfer about 13 tons of coal powder, with higher work efficiency.


After 10 hours of commissioning, the third LW1200KN officially joined the production line. Its super capacity, super-high work efficiency and strong overload capacity make it unique in the mining area. The three LW1200KN loaders will also become the backbone of production and transportation in the mining area. A few days later, the fourth LW1200KN will also arrive, which means Chinese loader brand will fully replace the European and American brands in the mining area.


It is only the beginning. Since then, Mongolian customers who quite recognize XCMG’s large loaders has continued to deepen cooperation with XCMG. At this point, the situation that the European, American and Japanese brands monopolize the Mongolian large loader market has been shaken, and XCMG has become the most vigorous force. 

In the future, with the continuous development of economic exchanges between China and Mongolia, XCMG products will further enhance their local influence and market position, and more “XCMG Golden” products will shine on this vast land.

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