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Foreign Development Trend Of Truck Mounted Crane
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Computerization and automation of design and manufacture

In recent years, with the extensive use of electronic computers, many foreign crane manufacturers from the application of crane-aided Design System (CAD), to improve the application of computer Crane module design. The modular design of cranes is not only a reform of design method, but also affects the technology, production and management level of the whole crane industry, the upgrading of old products and the development speed of new products will be greatly accelerated. For the improvement of cranes, only a few modules can be changed; the design of new cranes can only be combined with different modules to improve the degree of generalization, so that a small batch of products, change to a relatively large number of modular production, can make less modular form, combined into different specifications of the crane, to meet market demand, enhance competitiveness.

Innovation and application of crane control elements

The positioning accuracy of cranes is an important requirement for cranes, most of which use corner yards, gear chains, laser heads and steel plate holes to ensure that the positioning accuracy is usually ±3㎜, and the accuracy of higher than 1mm requires additional positioning system. With the improvement of crane lifting speed and brake, the crane hook is precisely positioned with low-speed operation, and the braking system of the crane is controlled and monitored by micro-processing.

The remote control system is used for the automobile crane and other movable hoisting machinery, this system includes the controller on the controllers, and the receiver installed on the crane, the controller has the electromagnetic radiation generator, the receiver is connected with the conversion part of the operation mechanism of the crane transmission device. The use of remote control not only saves manpower, improves work efficiency, but also improves the working conditions of operators.

Crane distance Detection anti-collision device, the use of radio signal type anti-collision device, anti-collision system consists of three-phase system, used to monitor the front of the crane to exercise distance, generally first issued a signal warning, and then the speed of the car to reduce to 50%, the last cut off the motor power, will be the cart brake.