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Flagship Products Into The 'Belt And Road' Flagship Project
- May 16, 2018 -

Malaysia has become an important node in the 'Belt and Road' Initiative. In recent years, Chinese enterprises have gone abroad and built a large number of projects. The East Coast Railway Project in Malaysia, as the largest project under construction and the largest single project under the 'Belt and Road' Initiative of Chinese enterprise at aboard, has attracted the attention of Malaysia and even the whole of Southeast Asia, which can be called the flagship project along the 'Belt and Road'.

As the project contractor, China Communications Construction Company Limited regards the East Coast Railway Project as its "number one project". From the beginning, it has positioned itself touse the best technology and the highest quality equipment to ensurethe smooth implementation of the project. As the flagship products inthe industry, XCMG cranes have played an important role in the hoisting of the project as a matter of course.


At the construction site of a tunnel, one XCMG crane was working

To the surprise of the driver, he said "facing such a steep slope,I actually can drive it easily. I obviously feel that the crane isquite dynamic."

In the hands of the operator, the joystick was sometimes fast and sometimes slow. About half an hour later, all the materials were transported to a height. Even the truck driver believed that XCMG's vehicle was really fast and effective! The operator said “XCMG's vehicle operates very smoothly”. In the process of lifting and unloading materials, when operating the handle slowly, the crane showed good micromotion performance. When the hook was empty, the handle was full of cavities, the speed was very fast, and the speed could be switched without clamping stagnation, and it was clear that the XCMG crane was very efficient.


A vehicle filled with construction materials was waiting for the unloading

Over the years, with its outstanding performance, XCMG cranes have not only won high recognition from domestic customers, but also are world-renowned. XCMG’s market share in 25 countries along the “Belt and Road” ranks the first. In some countries, XCMG’s cranes can even completely take over the heavy responsibility of lifting engineering, accounting for more than 90%.XCMG has become the most preferred brand for major construction projects at home and abroad.

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