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Domestic Development Trend Of Truck Mounted Crane
- Aug 31, 2017 -

China's automobile crane production enterprises want to survive in the field and development, the need to do a lot of things, due to the increase in market demand, but also require the production of innovative enterprises, in order to ensure the performance of cranes on the basis of continuous development of a larger tonnage of new products to meet market demand. Only in this way can we obtain nutrients and vigor from the market to survive, develop and grow in the development.

As China's 4 trillion-yuan investment plan is nearing the end of the impact of the global financial crisis, the performance of engineering cranes in 2010 has gradually changed from high speed to steady development. After May 2010, the crane growth rate fell to monthly $number, the pace of China's crane industry is gradually slowing. So, has the crane industry entered a break-through bottleneck, or is there a moment of respite before the next take-off? 2011, China's cranes, especially the largest share of the car crane will go?

China Construction Machinery Industry "Twelve-Five-Year Plan" stressed that the expected 2015, China's construction machinery market demand will reach 9 0 yuan, 2011 to 2015 will increase by about 17%. In this continuous good overall environment, 2011, the development of China's crane industry will be less than the explosion of the trend of growth is steadily rising, its growth will reach $number, among them, the growth of the car crane mainly.

And the automobile crane this kind of prosperous market performance also inevitably cannot leave the leading enterprise's impetus and the contribution. Xugong, China-Lian, 31, LiuGong and other domestic truck crane enterprises, its production and sales accounted for more than 80% of the crane industry, the increase in concentration will help the development of the crane industry, but also for the promotion of industry competitiveness has laid a solid foundation.