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What is a telescopic arm forklift
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Also known as telescopic arm forklift, is a cross-country performance with telescopic arm multi-purpose forklift, 1981, by the French Manitou Wheat Force Company to market.

Telescopic ARM Forklift Design Outsourcing services: Refers to the enterprise customers to hire professional telescopic arm forklift design service providers for enterprise customers with a full range of CMD Technical services to enhance the enterprise technology advantages, reduce the development cost of behavior. Lifting height 14 meters-30 meters, load capacity 3.2 tons-5.0 tons, body 400° or continuous rotation, 4 wheel full drive, three steering mode (two turn, four-wheel steering, crab steering), with auxiliary support legs, diesel drive. According to the requirement analysis, make the plan, including function and parameter setting, basic calculation, drawing preliminary three-dimensional total work, and then conduct a preliminary review with the customer.