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Rainy Season Guide for Safe Construction
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Rainfall and falling temperatures during the rainy season pose great challenges to our machinery operation. 

First, the construction environment becomes more complicated as rainfall promotes poor construction conditions such as mud,puddles and even flooding. Second, higher requirements are placed onmaintenance as rainfall can cause damage such as machine corrosion and water in the filter element.

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As a result, we have summarized some key construction operation and maintenance information for rainy days especially for the global XCMG team, which we hope can provide you with some reference.

1.Observe roadbed conditions

Special attention must be paid to road conditions when working on rainy days as soil becomes waterlogged and the ground is particularly slippery after rain. When working on a slippery surface, be sure to pay attention to the surrounding environment. Always keep an eye out to avoid getting too close to the edge of cliffs and ditches, which can easily cause the machine to fall or tip over if the ground is soft.

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Due to the reduced friction coefficient, a small amount of throttle may be used for loaders to remain stable when shoveling material and to reduce the tire damage caused by skidding. When working with diggers or crane machinery, check whether the ground of the construction site is soft so as to avoid the machines sinking and getting stuck.

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During construction work at night, ensure that the front and rear lights, work lights,overhead lights, instrument lights, windscreen wipers, etc., are working properly so as to ensure construction safety. Before finishing construction work, maintain sufficient fuel to evacuate the work area at any time in case of an emergency.

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If you are carrying out construction work in a mountainous area, be sure to observe the environment carefully before a rainstorm arrives. Check whether the land on the mountain is broken, whether there is unreasonable excavation, discarded soil or residue, quarrying and so on, and check whether the vegetation adheres well. Experienced operators can often judge from these details whether there is a possibility of a landslide, collapse, or debris flow, and take early precautionary measures.

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2. Pay attention to skid resistance and preinstall antiskid chains

Road surfaces become wet and slippery in the rainy season. When necessary, it is best to install antiskid chains on the equipment to increase the grip of the tires.However, please note that the tire pressure should be adequate, and the wheel hub and tread width should match the size of the antiskid chains. The machine should not be driven too fast after installation of the chains, and also note that sudden acceleration/deceleration will cause damage to the antiskid chains.

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3. Ensure the parking areais dry

In the rainyseason, it is best to park machines in a dry garage and avoid parking in a wet environment as much as possible. For machines stored inside, rust prevention work should be carried out, and machines parked for a long period of time should be started and driven once a month. Batteries should be charged; the grease on the piston rod should be wiped clean; and grease should be added to the necessary parts.

When parking outdoors, check that the fuel tank and hydraulic oil tank covers are securely fastened so as to avoid rain getting into the tanks. Plastic bags may be usedto cover the openings and provide basic protection.

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4. Promptly clean theequipment

After work in the rainy season, pay attention to clean the dirt off the machine, and maintain proper lubrication so as to prevent corrosion. Take care to prevent rain from contaminating the lubricating oil and fuel oil.

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5. Carry out equipmentmaintenance

Suspended construction work on rainy days is a good time for maintenance work. You can take this opportunity to give the machine a thorough examination, carry outrepairs, replace easily damaged parts, clean the radiator surface, andlubricate all lubricating points, etc. Pay attention to the following:

Check the airfilter to avoid damage and blockage caused by the deterioration of the filter element as a result of rainwater;

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Check the sealing ring on the engine oil level gauge and promptly replace it if it is worn. The oil filler should also be checked;

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Check the cable ends of the starter and promptly fix or replace them if they have become looseor corroded;

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Check the generator to prevent moisture of the line connectors from affecting powergeneration.

Construction in the rainy season is said to be about 30% fate and 70% carefulness. By making a detailed plan for your XCMG equipment in advance, you will yield twice the result with half the effort. Take on board our Rainy Season Construction Guideand allow XCMG to work together with you in both wind and rain!