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Operating Procedures for REACH stacker
- Aug 31, 2017 -

1. Scope

On the basis of the relevant provisions of the general principles of safety technical rules, the standard also stipulates the safety operation requirements of the container front crane driver in the operation.

2. Container Front crane safety operation requirements

2.1 Before the operation should be done:

2.1.1 Mechanical Inspection:

A. Check the safety devices such as lighting, wiper, reflector, horn, siren, buzzer, protective cover, headlamps, braking and steering gear;

b. Check the braking system, hoisting and locking signal signalling systems, fastening devices, reverse switch and steering mechanism is effective;

C. Check whether the key parts such as tyre, axle screw, sling, limit switch, interlock device and escalator are intact.

D. Check if the machine is equipped with the fire extinguisher intact, and do a good inspection record.

2.2 Homework should be done:

2.2.1 in front of start-up:

A. It must be observed and assured that no one is on the route of the vehicle or its equipment.

B. Be sure that no one is walking or standing under a raised hanger or other equipment, whether or not it is laden.

2.2.2 Operations:

A. Drivers must always face the direction of operation and pay special attention to places where people or other vehicles may appear nearby.

B. If the field of vision is blocked by the load, you should reverse the drive.

C. Before the operation of the back to confirm the movement of the weight of 8 meters must not be someone, or not back to work. Operations should be prohibited:

A. To prohibit overload operations, should be strictly in accordance with the capacity of the vehicle signs and loading diagram of the load indicated by the operation;

B. The carriage of goods in an elevated position is prohibited because of the risk of rollover.

C. Personnel are prohibited to enter the 8m around the machinery body.

D. Prohibition of the use of hoists for manned or ascending personnel.

E. Prohibit the towing of containers that are not closed.

F. Machinery is prohibited from being repaired and maintained during operation.

G. Mechanical passengers are prohibited from running (except learning drivers).

H. Prohibit the passage or stay of mobile machinery under shutdown.

I. Driving distance is not allowed to exceed 150m.