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Main application of truck mounted crane
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Due to the application of new technology in iron and steel industry, the quality of steel can be improved, when designing the crane girder strength, the higher allowable stress may be used, without higher safety factor, so as to reduce the amount of crane material and reduce the weight and price of the equipment. Crane supporting parts such as Wanda Slewing support manufacturing also benefited from the continuous production of new materials, making cranes to lighter, better direction.

In the machining aspect, a large number of precision castings with less cutting, especially the aluminum alloy castings, large number of processing equipment using high-precision, efficient machining centers, CNC automatic machine tools and so on, and to ensure the quality, but also improve labor productivity, reduce costs, At the same time in mechanical line using machinery instead of manual operation such as welding manipulator and matching manipulator.

The future development of foreign cranes is to specialization, standardization, and serialization, only in this way can the fastest manufacturing and assembling a variety of products.