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Compact Excavator

1.Name: crawler excavator ,crawler digger, big excavator 2.Engine: ISUZU 3.Bucket capacity:2.5m3 4.Operating weight:47300kg 5.Brand: XCMG 6.Maximum Digging Depth:7337mm 7.Maximum Digging height:10675mm 8.Feature: excellent flexibility, high fuel efficiency and considerate operation reliability...

Product Details


By virtue of the new ESS microcomputer power control system with the core technology independently researched and developed by XCMG, the XE500C crawler hydraulic excavator always can maintain its best efficiency and economy in different operating states and match the pump power again in accordance with the operation altitude to guarantee its normal work; its hydraulic system has integrated the latest research results of world-famous companies and considered the energy loss as far as possible to ensure the optimal performance of the complete machine with reasonable matching focused to give full play of the machine use performance; by virtue of its completely independent cooling control technology, it can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the temperature of the hydraulic oil and coolant to achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption; the bench test and simulation analysis methods are adopted for design optimization of the key structural members to effectively improve the strength and durability; moreover, the design of the modular shed frame structure has simplified the connection and achieved more even stress. As a model featuring wide applications, sufficient flexibility, high construction efficiency and perfect mining capacity in accordance with the North America and Euro-III emission standards, this machine can be widely used in mining and large-scale earthwork engineering at -15℃~40℃.


Dimension Drawing:

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Competitive Advantage:

Well digger with good performance/XCMG Excavator

1. Imported engine of environment friendly and efficient low-consumptions for excavator

2. Complete set of imported hydraulic components, excellent control, smooth operation

3. Imported radiator, adapt super load and continuous operation

4. Excavator with High quality key parts, the chassis configuration of international quality

5. Powerful digging force, slew force and traction force

6. Completed closed PROS / FOPS cab, good vision and protection structure, import luxury seats,safe and comfortable

7. Fast full-open style hood, easy maintenance  excavator

8. Anti-collision structure of cast iron weight, the effective protection of turntable and hood

9. Optional hydraulic breaker piping, to facilitate the crushing operation

10. GPS satellite positioning and remote monitoring system.

Deliver, shipping and service:

Deliver: Accoriding to different products, normally in 30 working days.

Shipping: There are different types of ships according to different machines, and the shipping time will vary depending on the length of the distance;

Service: Warranty terms - one year. The engineer service need to pay the cost which happened in /out of China.


Q: Which payment terms are available to us?

A: T/T term or L/C term. On T/T term, 30% down payment is required in advance, and 70%  balance shall be settled before shipment. On L/C term, a 100% irrevocable L/C without "soft clauses" can be accepted.

Q: Which Incoterms 2010 terms can we work?

A: We are a professional and international company, accept all Incoterms 2010 terms, normally we work on FOB, CIF, CFR, CIP.

Smart Butler Service

We have established a perfect GPS Global Service Center, and we can provide you with a proactive smart butler system through an Internet of Things platform.

Spare Parts When You Need Them

We have thousands of spare parts centers across five continents that stock almost 1 billion specialist spare parts. We promise that spare parts will be delivered within 72 hours.

After-market Worry-free Service

We are committed to providing after-market services, including rentals, second-hand vehicle evaluations, trade-ins, overhauls, and recycling. We always stick to our responsibility and mission of handling your concerns as best we can.

Quality warranty

We grant our clients a fourteen-month or 2000-hours warranty for any machine purchased from us.


We are a tender and friendly supplier, never greedy on windfall profit. Basically, our price remains stable through the year. We only adjust our price based on two situations:

1. The rate of USD: RMB varies significantly according to the international currency exchange rates.

2. Manufacturers/factories adjusted the machine price, because of the increasing labor cost, and raw material cost.


We can ship construction machinery by various transportation tools.

1. For 90% of our shipment, we will go by sea, to all main continents such as South America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and Europe etc, either by container or RoRo/bulk shipment.

2. For neighborhood countries of China, such as Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc., we can ship construction machinery by road or railway.

3. For light spare parts in urgent demand, we can ship it by international courier service, such as DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx.

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